2022 Elementary School Art Challenge

We invite elementary school students to create an original poster on the

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a list of human rights accepted by many countries around the world. It has been translated into over 500 languages.

Students are encouraged to focus on the following specific articles of the declaration.

  • Article 3-Simplified version: We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety.
  • Article 5-Simplified version: Nobody has any right to hurt us or to torture us.
  • Article 9-Simplified version: Nobody has the right to put us in prison without good reason and keep us there, or to send us away from our country.
  • Article 30-Simplified version: No one can take away our human rights.

The original Declaration is available at https://www.un.org/en/about-us/universal-declaration-of-human-rights

The simplified version is available at https://www.youthforhumanrights.org/what-are-human-rights/universal-declaration-of-human-rights/articles-1-15.html

Grades: K-4

Criteria: Work must be two-dimensional. You need to take a quality photo of your artwork under good lighting and minimal shadow.

Submissions: Submit your photo, the title for the art piece and a brief statement (1-3 sentences) describing the artwork’s message along with your consent at https://forms.gle/NcnihMhh4ptMFAtw9

Timeline: The deadline for submissions is September 23rd, 2022.

Display & Awards: Finalists and winners will be selected based on juror’s choice. The awards are: $50 for first place, $40 for second place, and $30 for third place. In addition, there will be several honorable mentions.

Please email peacequestlansing@gmail.com with questions.