2023 Elementary School Art Challenge

We invite elementary school students to create original art that can help the world!

Top prize is $50!

ART CHALLENGE TOPIC:    Understanding Refugees

Refugees are people who had to leave their homes because of really bad things like fighting or being treated badly or even extreme climate change. There are millions of refugees all over the world, and we need to help them.

We think you can help too! We want you to use your imagination and make some art to help people understand what it’s like to be a refugee. You might think about how hard it is to leave your home and family behind, or how scary it can be to live in a new place.

Your artwork can show how refugees are brave and strong, even when things are tough. We also want you to think about how you and refugees are similar. We all have feelings and dreams, and we all deserve to be safe and happy.

Some people don’t understand what refugees go through, and they might have some wrong ideas. Your art can help them understand better. You can also show how refugees have done good things for our communities, and how we can all help them.

So, let’s get creative and use our art to make a difference!


Grade levels: K-4

Criteria: Work must be two-dimensional. You need to take a quality photo of your artwork under good lighting and minimal shadow.

Submissions: Submit your photo, the title for the art piece and a brief statement (1-3 sentences) describing the artwork’s message along with your consent at https://forms.gle/NcnihMhh4ptMFAtw9

Timeline: The deadline for submissions is September 22nd, 2023.

Display & Awards: Finalists and winners will be selected based on the juror’s choice. The awards are: $50 for first place, $40 for second place, and $30 for third place. In addition, there will be honorable mentions.

Questions?  email peacequestlansing@gmail.com