Peace Pole Pursuit

Who: Anyone, any age interested in a fun challenge!
What:  Walk, drive, or bike in pursuit of as many Greater Lansing peace poles as you are able.
When: During PeaceQuest – anytime between September 1st-25th
Where: All over the Greater Lansing area! (see map/list of addresses here:
Why: PeaceQuest is spotlighting the broad commitment to peace in our community. All participants increase awareness of it by posting their photos on Facebook.


  • By your own means and at your own pace, find any or all of the peace poles erected throughout our community.
  • Take a selfie at each pole (with bike if done on bike)
  • Post photo on your personal Facebook page.
  • While sharing use the following hashtag: #peacequest2021
  • Optional but suggested actions you can take:
    • Wear peace related clothing and/or carry/display peace signs/flags.
    • While posting on Facebook, post a sentence stating what “Peace means…” to you.
    • Challenge a friend by tagging him/her to participate in Peace Pole Pursuit
    • Take a short video (~15 seconds) stating what “Peace means…” to you.
    • Visit peace poles in different parts of the city, not just in close proximity to where your live.
  • Once you have found and photographed at least 10 peace poles with you in each photo and posted them on Facebook,  submit the form by clicking here. (For kids of age 10 and below, 5 poles is the minimum goal). In that form you will be asked to upload your photos. If you had recorded a short video as well, please submit that too.
  • All who reached and photographed themselves with 10+ poles (5+ poles for kids) and posted them on Facebook and filled out the form by the deadline (September 25th) will be listed on the PeaceQuest web site, will be recognized at the end of September.
  • To respect our community,  visit peace poles during daylight hours.
  • If you know of a peace pole in the Greater Lansing area that is not on the list, please email us at with the details. We will add it to our map.

Questions? Contact us at

Waiver of Liability: This is an independent and voluntary activity. By participating in this activity, all participants (and such participant’s parent or legal guardian in the case of a minor), agree to fully release, forever discharge and hold harmless the PeaceQuest team, any of its affiliates and all other  businesses involved in this activity, as well as the employees, officers, directors and agents of each, from and against all claims, costs, liabilities, losses, injuries, and damages arising out of this activity, including but not limited to any claims for personal injury, death, or damage to or loss of property or any other harm arising out of participants participation in this activity. Participants accept full responsibility for their own safety as they travel to, from and around each peace pole.