2020 Middle School Art Challenge

We invite middle school students to create original art about the following theme:

Saving Earth, Stopping Climate Change

Students may consider the following questions in planning and preparing their work:

  • What is climate change and crisis?
  • Why is it important to stop climate change?
  • How should we plan our lives to keep the Earth’s natural resources safe?
  • What are the consequences of waste (resources, food, energy, etc.)?
  • How can we increase reusing, repairing, and recycling?
  • How could I help increase awareness of environmental protection?
  • How could I interact with someone who is not very sensitive about environmental protection?
  • How are solutions to the climate crisis related to peace?

Grades: 5-8

Criteria: Work must be two-dimensional. You need to take a quality photo of your artwork under good lighting and minimal shadow.

Submission: Submit your photo, the title for the art piece and a brief statement (1-3 sentences) describing the artwork’s message along with your consent at the submission page.

Timeline: The deadline for submissions is September 16 , 2020.

Display & Awards: Finalists and winners will be selected based on juror’s choice. The awards are: $75 for first place, $50 for second place, and $25 for third place. In addition, there will be several honorable mentions.

Please email peacequestlansing@gmail.com with questions.


PeaceQuest is the community-wide celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace every September in the Greater Lansing Area. PeaceQuest focuses on practical steps we all can take to promote peace, resolve conflicts, learn about other faiths and cultures, and encourage mutual understanding. More information at peacequestgreaterlansing.org

Intercultural Association of Michigan

The mission of Intercultural Association of Michigan (IAM) is to promote and organize activities to foster diversity, social integration, community involvement and volunteering. IAM is dedicated to intercultural dialog between Michigan’s ethnic communities. More information at interculturalmichigan.org

Greater Lansing United Nations Association

The mission of Greater Lansing Chapter of the United Nations Association is to inspire and mobilize the community to support the work of the United Nations and its agencies through education and advocacy. More information at gluna.org

The Michigan Climate Action Network

The Michigan Climate Action Network is a network of groups and individuals working to build and mobilize a powerful grassroots movement in the Great Lakes state to call for clean energy solution that   will put us on a path to climate stability and climate justice. More information at https://www.miclimateaction.org/